Thursday, 10 November 2016

The road goes ever on ...

When we first started this American Adventure, our goals were simple: Nashville and New Orleans.  As our plans progressed, we started thinking about how many states we could squeeze in.  Today, the fourth day of our travels, we got to our sixth!!
We left Dry Ridge, Kentucky and headed for Louisville, a city of blue skies and bridges..

And here we split up and went our separate ways.  This meant that John and I were abandoned at Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, while Tim and Liz drove into downtown Kentucky to the baseball bat factory and museum (you see why I chose horses).

We watched the horses in the paddock and we saw a race (my first horse race ever). And we met an old racehorse who made me miss Izzy and Busby.  

Tim and Liz returned for us.  And told us that we had to get out of Louisville!  An anti-Trump demonstration was planned so it would be better not to be there.  I liked Louisville, and I was quite attracted to the idea of attending an anti-Trump demonstration. But I was bundled, muttering, into the car, and we crossed the Ohio river into another state, Indiana.  A rather dramatic solution to keep me away, but very pleasant. 
Chicago is only eight hours drive!!!!!


  1. Chicago??? I thought you were staying in the south?

  2. It was a joke! We are now heading south to Nashville. ��