Friday, 11 November 2016

...and on ...

All this state-hopping is getting confusing.  Did we sleep in Indiana last night or was it Kentucky?  And the confusion had nothing to do with a visit to Huber's Winery, northwest of Floyds Knob in Indiana.  

We bought wine. But we had no tastings.  No tastings of wine, that is.  We did however taste some ice creams. Tim was won over by the egg nog ice cream. 
Then it was back into Kentucky and a search for a hotel.  But what's this?  BARNES AND NOBLE.  BARNES AND NOBLE.  STOP THE CAR.  See, I knew I really liked Kentucky. This was like coming home. It's the next biggest magnet to an Apple Store. And much more important than finding a hotel for the night. In fact Liz and I had a splendid idea ... So John and Tim were dispatched to find somewhere for us to sleep, while she and I wandered the store and bought books.  
I had once again promised not to mention the election.  So when the others found me deep in election conversation with one of the B&N employees, I hastily made her assure them that SHE had started the subject!  I find it deeply reassuring that all the younger people I have spoken to are very concerned about Trump as president.  I've told them to get involved and have a say.  
And yes, the two men had found somewhere very suitable for us to spend the night, so we had no need to moan at them.  Not about that anyway..


  1. B&N is always a good place to find sane people! :D

  2. AS long as it wasn't one of Trump's hotels!