Thursday, 16 March 2017

Plague House 2

One of the Guinea pigs - Hershey - has had pneumonia.  If there's anything deliberately designed to make you feel helpless, it's illness in babies and animals.  You can't explain to them what's happening or why you're doing things.  They just look at you helplessly, and it's terrifying.   However, Hershey - after a stay in hospital and a vat of antibiotics - is on the mend and is probably thinking he's onto a good thing now, what with the best of the best hay and the freshest of the fresh vegetables!  

The humans seem to be recovering too.  It was like a conveyor belt of bleugh. So we knew what was in store by watching the one who got 'it' before us.  

And let's not forget 'the fall'. It was quite a sensation. Busby, I forgive you, but next time I'm holding onto a lead rope and the horse bolts, I hope I remember to LET GO OF THE ROPE.  

Paying for all the physio is a good memory jogger.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Plague House

It's a very long time since I wrote anything. We have a lot of animals. That's my only excuse.




Busby (the little Shetland) and Izzy

Little Tom

and four hens whose names escape me right now (which is very ungrateful of me - they lay the most delicious eggs, and one of them is blue!)

Then there's our newest addition, Dudley, a miniature pony, here sizing up the opposition

They're a lot of work. But we love them. (Whisper: especially Little Tom)
Oh, the Plague House? The animals are fine. The humans are in different stages of unwellness. 


Saturday, 21 January 2017

When you can't concentrate

It's winter here.  Normally I'm not here.  Normally I miss the winter, while I languish by a pool or wander through the Disney parks or take a road trip, all in the warm sunshine.  But this year I'm here. In the winter. And this year I've caught a cold.  With a cough. A hacking cough that has kept me awake for three nights straight.  I'm getting dizzy and not a little confused on occasion. So I've been comparing winter here with winter there. 







Here is family. There is a bunch of friends.  Here is noise and chaos and jobs to be done.  There is calm and order and laziness.  

Can someone remind me again why we didn't go back after Christmas??

Sunday, 1 January 2017


It's cold and damp.  Must be January. 

Christmas was lovely.