Thursday, 10 November 2016

And then...

Being somewhere in Tennessee when the election results were unfolding was an uncomfortable experience. We saw in gardens and at the side of the roads Trump signs in sizes small and obscenely large. The election result has dampened my spirits. So here are some photos. From Stone Mountain in Georgia

to the scary drive in the middle of the Nantahala forest in North Carolina

to the college towns of Williamsburg in Tennessee (no photo. 😕 ) and Berea (in Kentucky), an artisan village and town where the only shop I wanted to visit was closed!

Today we have met a variety of people, some very sad and frightened, others happy and relieved. I promised to keep my mouth firmly shut.  I nearly managed. 


  1. Oops. Williamsburg is also in Kentucky. I've clearly had a memory block of Tennessee.

  2. Oh no! How DARE the yarn store be closed!!!

  3. that track! Reminds me of the Blair Witch thingy!!