Friday, 25 November 2016

Sleepless nights

Despite the fact that I am on holiday, in the sunshine, with places to visit, with Disney things to do, life is very stressful, and I would prefer to be back in the UK.  There is a great deal to worry about, and I'm a worrier when there is nothing to worry about so .... 
The result is that sleep eludes me for long swathes of time, so I look at photographs. This is a random selection from the past few days.

This tiger looks so peaceful, hiding amongst the leaves.  Actually, just after this was taken, he turned and glared, then he opened his enormous mouth and snarled in a very ugly aggressive way.  You can't be too careful with tigers.  Beauty, and the beast within. 

The complete opposite is Lewis, my very well-travelled bear.  He never snarls or growls.  And he is a little bit of comfort right now.

When you want to fly home and the person you want to fly home to insists that you stay where you are and remain on holiday, you take comfort where you can...

Knitting maybe. But because you can't concentrate properly, you make mistakes.  After unraveling an incipient cardigan four times because of one tiny counting mistake three or four rows back, d'you know what you do?  You throw in the towel.  You give up.  You look wistfully at the rather nice wool, feel a bit guilty that you won't complete your knitting club challenge, and then you go back to the book you're reading. 

You go for a walk or two.

You find things on the Internet.

You write a random blog.  And when you see that it's almost dawn, you try and sleep for a couple of hours.