Sunday, 27 November 2016

Another day. Another destination.

Bok Tower and its gardens are only an hour's drive from home, and are a place of beauty and tranquillity, even when the 60-bell carillon in the tower is being played!  We spent a very peaceful afternoon, after our picnic in the grounds, ambling about from tower to kitchen garden to the boardwalk (over what was supposed to be marsh but what is actually completely dry) to wild garden, in search of the gopher tortoises - no luck.  On our last visit here about two years ago, we found by chance an enormous tortoise lounging in the sunshine on the side of the road!  Today when we were looking for them we found nothing!  But there was plenty to interest us.

And wise words to end our visit.  

On our journey home from the sublime, we met the ridiculous.  Unusually, John was exceeding the speed limit, yet we were still overtaken by this very interesting looking and incredibly well-restored Ford.

John slowed down after that - a form of hanging his head in shame I suspect - and we saw this...

Father Christmas is carrying a fish. Why?  But more importantly, the snowman is carrying a gun.  Clearly this family has missed the point of the Christmas message. 

(The last two photographs are very grainy because they were taken through the window of the moving car, in one instance a very fast moving car!)   Thanksgiving is over.  It's time for Christmas, decorations are going up everywhere, and shopping is king.  Barnes and Noble here we come.  

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  1. Welcome to Florida! Where gun totin' is the norm. :-/