Thursday, 13 November 2014

Yes, I hate shopping so much, I was traumatised enough to forget blogs, birthdays, food ....

But now, at last, I am back here again in the new house.  It is almost finished, and I love it.  Even my husband loves it.  I think IKEA loves it - most of the furniture is from there.  This was for three reasons - one, their furniture is relatively cheap; two, their furniture is of decent quality; three, said husband likes building IKEA furniture.  And even the leather sofas came in pieces!  Happy husband.  Of course, now that we definitely do not need any more furniture, he has to find something to do when we are not out and about.  Every door has been rehung; all taps have been checked and if necessary replaced; everything has been checked.

I say everything .... last night, after a wonderful day with friends, we came home tired and happy and planning an evening of quiet.  We'd been home not more than ten minutes when the smoke alarm in the sitting room started, well, shrieking is the only word for it, at ear-splitting volume.  Nothing was burning - I hadn't been cooking.  It was then that I realised that we have five smoke alarms around the house.  And ALL of them were shrieking.  John turned off their electrics (I don't understand that bit - something to do with boxes and switches and fuses) - the shrieking continued (I was expecting the police at the door at any second); John removed the batteries from four of the alarms (the fifth being unreachably high) - the shrieking got even louder.  The electrician came (at 9pm - would that happen in the UK?).  Apparently these alarms 'talk' to each other, and the one we couldn't reach had a flat battery, so the others were complaining.  How they had their 'conversation' without batteries or electricity remains a mystery.  In punishment for making so much noise, they have all been ripped out, and we await replacements.  We have no smoke alarms now, so I am not allowed to cook until they have been replaced - I could almost forgive them the noise :-)


  1. He actually wants a Chrysler Silverado!

  2. Not allowed to cook? Very clever, how did you manage to get them to all go at once......? ;)