Saturday, 22 November 2014

Barnes and Noble

I have a Barnes and Noble discount card.  This is because I was a teacher and I still belong to a teachers' union.  I think it may also be because the staff recognise a spender when they see one.  This card is a very dangerous piece of plastic in my wallet.  In this land of complicated shopping rituals, I am most excited about my B&N card.  
You go into your 'local' store (18 miles away), you find some books you like the look of,  you sit down and check them out, you buy quite a few (well, you have a discount card - it's like saving money, right?), you buy a hot chocolate or a cold orange juice, you make yourself comfortable in a huge armchair and read.  Hours can go by.  Then your friends turn up, laden with bags after trawling around the other shops.

Maybe I should make clear that I have thousands (thousands) of books.  But they are in the UK.  So I have been forced to start a new collection here in the US.  Oh the hardship.

New clothes versus new books.
No contests.

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  1. you don't need clothes in Florida - buy books and, as an added bonus, keep Johnny happy building you a bespoke bookcase. see, I have my uses!