Friday, 28 November 2014

Two places at once

I confess that when we bought this house, I hadn't fully considered that living in two countries so far apart would cause such diverse emotions, sometimes at the same time.

Setting up a new home has been exciting.  Still is.  But it also makes me miss the comforts (and space) of our UK home - my books and my cabin especially.  So while I wallow in the newness, neatness, and novelty of this house, at the same time I miss being able to reach out to a particular book or a new sewing/painting/media project.

Being in a foreign land (yes, even though we supposedly speak the same language, it really is a foreign country) and meeting new people is exciting.  I've met some very interesting locals, renewed friendships made last year, met up again with friends who have become like family now, and yesterday friends flew down from Connecticut to see us.  And my very oldest friend lives ten doors away.  But I miss my family.  While I'm laughing, chatting, or scaring myself senseless on a roller coaster ride, at the same time I'm thinking about the children, and I'm worrying about my brother.  Thank goodness for the internet.  We can all keep in touch - my brother and I for hours at a time.

I love it here.  It's (usually) warm.  The people are kind.  Barnes and Noble isn't far away.  Disney is around the corner.  But, little brother, right now I should be there.


  1. Gee, this makes me feel grateful I'm too poor to have two homes! LOL (wink wink, nudge nudge....) ;)

    1. Yes Robin. I think this is known as a first world problem!

    2. i dunno Robin - there's no pleasing some people. Perhaps she should give the house to us!

  2. you've had the red house 45 seconds - your home in Kent somewhat longer. Of course you'll miss certain thinhs. But you will accumulate them and it will become a second home and not just a house.

    part of the charm of your UK home is its homeliness and lived in feel. let go of the minimalist thing in yor red house and enjoy it instead of moving pictures 7mm to the right!