Friday, 19 February 2016

To be serious for a moment

I like my own company.  Not all the time, but now and again.  I like the tidiness and order; I like the calm and quiet.  However, I suffer from tinnitus, and I hadn't before appreciated quite how bad it is. When you're in a house full of people, with the radio on, the sounds of life around the house, you can forget that noise in your head.  It's not that noticeable.  But here, on my vacation in solitude, there are not that many noises.  It's peaceful and quiet.  Except that it isn't quiet.  It's in fact incredibly noisy.  There are two (sometimes three) screaming noises in my head, and they are discordant. You'd think the brain could at least make some sort of harmony out of this but no.  If the radio or television made these noises, you could turn them off, complaining that modern music had gone one step too far.  If people made these noises, you'd tell them to stop making such a racket.  If animals made these noises you'd take them to the vet.  
Tinnitus is horrible.  The saddest part is that I will never hear silence again.  I can stand in the quietest spot on earth, wherever that may be, and there will always be the screaming.  But at least I can see it 😃


  1. You need a 'white noise' machine. It really helps quite the cacophony.

  2. I didn't know you suffered from this too. Mine sounds like radio interference and high pitched whistling :-(

    1. It was probably that Queen concert in 1979 that did it 😃