Monday, 22 February 2016

Time to go home

I'm torn.  
I love my holiday, despite some of the 'trials' of being alone. 

I love wandering around Animal Kingdom. 

I love walking around Epcot at night waiting for the fireworks.

I love the sun (at last there is sun, and heat!) and trips to the seaside.

Exciting things are happening at home.
My baby son's new family! His wife, my lovely daughter-in-law, joined him in the UK last week.  She flew, WITH HER HORSE Izzy, from New York City. I am looking forward to meeting Izzy and Busby, the absurdly tiny pony they have bought as a companion.  
I'm going home next week!


  1. Okay, you have to explain how/why she had a horse in NYC. (Have a safe trip home!)

    1. :-)
      She's a country girl really, and she has had horses all her life. While she lived in NYC she kept this horse at her dad's in CT. When he moved house, the horse was stabled in upstate New York. She married Tom. The horse came too :-)

  2. I recall visiting a 4th floor flat as part of my job about 30 years ago. There was a horse in the lounge. I asked the tenant how in the hell he got the horse up there. Calm as you like he replied "in the lift of course".

  3. Oh, and don't rejoice too much big sister. Remember I'm coming to visit when you're home :-)