Thursday, 18 February 2016

Can't sleep. Look at photographs instead.

My lovely brother gave me a photographic challenge for this holiday - to post one photo a day on Flickr. I've just posted photo number 11, on day 29 (which is better than my regularity with blogging). Initially I was going to photograph everyday objects in interesting settings.  Even writing that sentence is pretty boring, so that idea didn't get off the ground.  Turns out there's not much (that is remotely interesting) that you can do with a mug except drink out of it. So I made myself some hot chocolate and gave up that idea.  I looked for the photo, but I've deleted it!

Next idea was stripes.  
The rug in the sitting room

Shadows on a cold morning walk

And a zebra unimpressed by all the attention focuses on him

I like stripes.  Would it be too cruel to publish the bright white stripe across my friend's face? She fell asleep in the sun, with her sunglasses on.  Really white.  Too cruel.  Funny, but too cruel.  

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  1. Actually it would be very funny! (Not really nice....but definitely funny!) ;)