Monday, 25 January 2016

Holidaying alone

Husband too busy to leave home - he has tractors to mend and a stable to build.  Wife in need of a complete break. They have a house in Florida. Sorted.  Sunshine here I come.

The reality is of course that it's actually quite lonely on my own.  I decided (in my wisdom - ha!) that in the first week I would not rent a car; that I'd stay local, bed into the house, sort stuff out, enjoy my solitude. (I need to come clean here and say that 'solitude' = 'friends a few houses down the road, who will help me with anything, at the drop of a hat".). 

The reality is that it's been really really cold; okay not as cold in the northern states (my original plan had been to be in New York over the past weekend - well I wouldn't have got there, so I wouldn't have been able to play in 2 feet of snow in Central Park!!). 
My daughter-in-law's street BEFORE most of the snow fell.

The reality is that it's not that bad (yay FaceTime - husband and I speak every day when we are apart. Without FaceTime/Skype this would be VERY expensive over six weeks!!) and I have been busy.
I've been walking in the (freezing cold) sunshine.  See that blue blue sky. Cold! 

I've been trying out different flours (US flour is different from UK flour. Why IS that?

So I've been baking.  The chocolate coating (Sainsbury's dark chocolate melted in a pan with a few slurps of milk - so, so yummy) is much better than the cake - and a necessary addition for another reason. When I took the cake out of the tin (sounds so simple doesn't it?) it did come out, but not in a good way.  I think there were about six pieces.  Well I can do jigsaw puzzles, so I fitted them together as best I could.  Not pretty, hence the chocolate.  The cake tastes ..... well, suffice to say, I've had the odd slice and eaten just the top with the chocolate and thrown the cake away.  I will continue my search for a decent flour. 

So ... jigsaw puzzles. I brought one with me.  I'm on my own, I thought. I can use the dining table, I thought. There'll be plenty of room.  There is, but each time I sit down to eat, I inevitably knock some pieces to the floor.  It's a stone-tiled floor (it's Florida; it's supposed to be hot!), so the pieces that fall can take on a life of their own and slide all over the place, and the sofas are heavy.  So I've packed it away until I can go and buy a large piece of wood.  (It's a lovely jigsaw picture, with 2000 pieces.  I have five and a half weeks - but once I get a car, I'll be gadding about all over the place.  Will I finish it?)

I've been reading (what are the chances?) and admiring the bookcase that John built before Christmas.  I still need to get a few more books. 

I've been not sleeping. Some attempts at curing insomnia. A 2am thing.  

I've been taking photos. My lovely brother ( gave me a challenge - a photo a day.  His intention was that I familiarise myself with my 'new' camera while I'm here on my own with plenty of time on my hands.  I forgot my camera.  He's exasperated (it's fun!). But I am doing the challenge with my iPhone.  This is my favourite one so far.

I'll keep trying.  


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  1. Sounds like you've been very busy, all on your own! Lovely shadow picture!