Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Holidaying alone TWO

It's 2.30 in the morning here.  And it's raining.  A lot.  Not a problem in itself, but ... Outside my bedroom is a verandah.  Very nice for sitting on to catch the evening sun.  Right now, when I should be sleeping, it's the ideal place for the rain dripping off the roof of said verandah to drop down and bounce off the chair that I sit in when the sun is shining. 

Ordinarily this would not be a problem.  I would wake my husband, and he would go out onto the verandah and move the chair.  And I would curl up on this, the most comfortable bed we have ever owned, and go back to sleep.  However, this time, on this solitary holiday, I have two choices - lie here and fume as the drip drops its regular 'tune' (two drops actually, not in time and not at the same tone because they are clearly dropping on different parts of the chair - one on metal, one on cloth, both very loud.  See how you can tell that I've been lying here for some time already?) OR get up, go out onto the verandah, get wet and move the chair. 

I got up, went out, got wet.  Success.  But I'm wide awake and writing this.  We've had an early morning (for John)-middle of the night (for me) FaceTime conversation, and here I am.  

With a moth.  

Ordinarily .....  Sigh 

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  1. First world problems....they're a bitch, aren't they??? ;)