Monday, 11 January 2016

Change - if only!

I'm very dissatisfied with the format of this blog.  I want to prettify it, personalise it, improve it (okay, I want to upstage my brother and his ). 

The problem is that I cannot remember my login details.  At all.  I have no idea what my name is.  (Don't tell my GP!  He'd have me incarcerated in a second.)  As for a password - well, it could be anything.  I didn't used to have a problem.  I used the same password for everything.  Then my brother ( yes him) told me that this was incredibly irresponsible of me because if someone hacked one account, they'd be able to hack them all.  

So I started using different passwords.  I'm sure that I was very inventive (while assuring myself that I'd remember these combinations of words/numbers/lower case/higher case/bla bla bla).  Of course I don't know this for certain - because I can't remember them. 

All this means that I daren't log out of any of my (absolutely essential) social media sites: Facebook (though I keep threatening myself that I'm going to stop); Pinterest (though I keep threatening myself that I'm going to stop); Twitter (though I kee........ You get the idea).  It also means that I can't comment on anybody else's blog, because I don't know my name. Possibly this is a good thing, but I suspect not.  I'd like to comment. I know how much I enjoy the comments that my blog posts get (thank you), and I'd like to reciprocate. 

However, I CAN remember the very first password I used - for a long long long ago and now obsolete email address.  It was a German word.  Maybe that's the answer.  


  1. LOL Contrary to your brother's advice I use the same password for everything! And when I don't I have a Rolodex with all my info written down! Just sayin'.

    1. Let's hope Nick doesn't read your comment, Robin!

    2. And yes, my commenting here means that I CAN reply to blogs - but only on this laptop!!!