Friday, 27 February 2015


There's a diner near us. 

I like it there because they make a perfect strawberry milkshake. So on our trip today into the middle of nowhere, somewhere in central Florida, we saw one. Lunchtime. Would they also make the perfect milkshake?  

Another thing about diners is that you can hone in on someone else's conversation.  Sometimes that's intriguing. 

I've not been formally introduced to Mandy.  Nevertheless I know everything there is to know about her except, it occurs to me now, her shoe size.  Mandy is in her mid-forties. She has brown hair tied back from her face so you can easily see her prominent cheekbones and wide smile. And she is a very large lady. No sharing a seat in a booth for her. And opposite her was Lloyd. 

Mandy has two sons, and one of them is like, gay. She was shocked at first when she found out but then she was like, totally supportive. And she wondered if maybe her dad was like, gay actually. But not like, out.  But he's dead now so she can't like, ask him.  But, moving on .... Oh no, there's more. She's like, okay with it all - so okay that she can't stop talking about it. 

Oh  ... She's worked as like, a salesgirl. But her favourite like, job was working with like, old people. Most of them are like, schizophrenic.  They all like, hear voices in their heads. And then they like, commit suicide. Or have like, heart attacks. And someone she knows has like, MS.  All I know is that Mandy has like, the most irritating voice and a very loud laugh!  

And what about Lloyd?  Well he didn't have a chance to say anything. Maybe he fell asleep. Then, suddenly, she asked him if he knew her name (?). 'Oh Emily or something.'  Another loud guffaw and 'Oh you can call me anything you're comfortable with, sugar.'

I forgot to have a milkshake. 


  1. ........sometimes I'm embarrassed for my country.......

  2. PS Try Steak & Shake for your milkshake (and the fries aren't bad either.)