Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day trip: version two

I love looking for unusual place names and road names. I suspect it's because I was brought up in a house in a tiny village in Wales on a road called Gwernllwynchwyth Road. I have to look quite hard to find road names that live up to that. 

Imagine my delight when, on today's trip, we passed Lust Road.  I was asleep when we passed Excitement Drive. When we got to Mount Dora I wasn't sure if it was the name of the town or an instruction.  And we drove through a town called Tangerine. Then later in the day we found ourselves in Satsuma. Wonderful. 

Our destination today was to a very small village called Welaka.  We drove through swamp and spring country and along dirt tracks to Lake George and the ferry crossing spot. Very excited to be going on some ancient contraption that carries two cars only. You have to stop your car on the water's edge and flash your headlights to get the attention of the ferry operator on the other side. You pay ten dollars for a five minute heart-stoppingly low in the water trip, essentially towed by a boat. Or so I'm told. Because when we got there, having driven quite a way and then seven miles on a road made of sand, there was a sign with the ferry times. It runs all day, every day, except Tuesdays. 

Today is Tuesday. 

We didn't see bears either. It was very disappointing. 


  1. Ah, the Florida life! (You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!)

  2. Your trip just wasn't meant to be was it?