Saturday, 4 April 2015


I went to Oxford for the day.  Down memory lane.  Took in Jesus College, of course.  And Magdelen, Balliol, and Christchurch Colleges. Blackwells of course, and the covered market.  Lunch at Browns.  Christchurch Meadow and the Botanical Gardens.  The best company and great fun.
Of those beautiful buildings, all cleaned now, so you can see the wonderfully yellow Cotswold stone?  None.  
Of my lovely companion soaking up some British history and good memories to take back home to New York?  None.
Of our really tasty lunch, presented so prettily on a plate?  None.
Of a tree trunk? Yes of course.  It's a lovely tree trunk that reminded me of an elephant's foot, but ....

I shall go back very soon and inundate you with the beauty that is Oxford!
I didn't even buy a book!


  1. No books? Not even in Blackwells? I am off there next weekend, can't wait!

  2. I vowed never to return to Oxford after getting a parking ticket for a one minute overstay

  3. No books? Quick, get thee to a doctor! You must be very, very sick! ;)