Tuesday, 14 April 2015


It's not as vital or impressive as nor even on any similar scale (obviously!) to discovering the Americas or discovering penicillin, but it's still exciting for the individual ... well, me. I mean the discovery of a new (to me) author, then discovering he/she has written more than this one that has turned my heart over. 

(CP Snow, discovered in Oxford in 1973)

It's happened to me many times. Each time has been the same. First the discovery of a new book - that I know, almost before opening it, is going to be special.  And it is. I don't want to stop reading it, but equally I don't want to finish it. I carry it around with me. Everywhere. Even when I know I'll have no chance to read it. It's the most important reason to have a handbag. 

(Handbag bought specifically because a paperback can fit in it)

Then the discovery that the author has written more. Such excitement. And relief. I don't have to worry about what I'll read next. The decision has been made for me. 

It started with the onset of being able to read. I still remember suddenly realising (apparently when I was just two and a half) that I was reading the words of an Andy Pandy book in my head and not listening to my mother reading it to me.  It was a magical magical moment, and I have never forgotten it. 

So my latest discovery is doubly exciting.  

John Carey.  'The Unexpected Professor.'  Of English literature.  At Oxford.  Not only is this book utterly brilliant.  Not only are there more.  But also it's about books.  And Oxford.  Well .....  I've had to read it really really slowly, to prolong the enjoyment.  This has meant putting it down and walking into another room.  It's meant going out without it!  It has also, wonderfully, meant going to my bookshelves to get books that he discusses, to remind myself of the author or the poem or the play.  It's all very exciting for me. 

I can feel a list coming on.


  1. The thrill of discovering a new author! I know that feeling! :)

  2. I was going to comment but think I'll make it the subject of my next blog