Saturday, 14 March 2015


Love it or hate it, Insomnia (with a capital 'I') is like that unwanted companion you had as a child, hanging around with you just on the edge of your life.  There was a girl who followed me around, popping up in random places, getting on my nerves.  I remember times in the sweet shop. She'd suddenly be there when I was deciding what to buy with my precious pennies.  I quickly realised that whatever I decided on, she would have too.  So when she asked, I'd say what I was going to have, wait until she'd bought them, and then I'd 'change my mind' and buy something else.  ( I wasn't very nice, clearly). Eventually she disappeared. 
Her name obviously wasn't Insomnia.  That never goes away.  Then, through half closed eyes,  the morning comes.


  1. Good time to journal....the middle of the night.....just sayin'..... ;)

  2. should have used your Nikon - great sunrise