Friday, 8 April 2016

Reading matters

My intention to make a list of my favourite books fell by the wayside some months ago. Not because I stopped reading (how?), but because I never seem to have time to write exactly what I want to write (because I'm reading). Anyway, I decided recently it was time to sort out and give away books that I haven't opened for many many years.  This could have been a very upsetting process - if it had got any further than opening one of them and suddenly finding that two hours had gone by.  
I also found a journal that I started a few years ago. I rather like it. It's a journal of books that have affected me, comforted me, shocked me, as I've read through life.  I had entitled it "READING MATTERS of a book-lover and bibliophile". Rather pompous but who cares?!

Here are some photos...

I obviously had great fun doing this. But right now I have a book to read ....