Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I've started an online course.  A multi-media thing.  Inner Excavation by Liz Lamoreux.  Another side-track from finishing my book list, I hear you say.  Oh but wait until you see what fun I'm having!  
There's my camera.  There's glue.  And a journal.  And tissue paper.  And fabric.  And paints.  And pencils.  And stamps and ink. And of course my cat.

There's a special Facebook page for this course, and I noticed how lots of my fellow 'students' were using photo-collage. I was going to ask how they'd done it, then I decided that I was perfectly capable of finding that out for myself.  And I did.

Another new toy 😃

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  1. This is why the internet was invented! So we could take all these classes from the comfort of our own home! Great 'spread'!