Monday, 22 June 2015


I'm still reading - it's not a book on my top 20 list, but it could be.  

Reading about someone's love of/obsession with food makes me want to pick up the cudgels again and be creative in the kitchen.  ... Maybe.  (This picture is pink because I took it in our bedroom and the closed curtains are red - I was too lazy to get up and open them)

I haven't been blogging even though my dizziness is gradually waning. I've been gardening instead.  I've been creating quiet corners in my garden.  Like this one.  

The idea is to have secret spots in the garden where I can escape from the everyday and read or contemplate or enjoy the plants.  As yet I haven't had time!  This gardening stuff is hard work and time-consuming but oh so satisfying.  

Perhaps I should spend some time here, finishing my book list blogs!


  1. your garden does look lovely :-)

  2. Lovely is an understatement! Your garden is STUNNING!