Monday, 8 December 2014


My favourite 'pastime' (shouldn't that really be passtime if it's to mean 'the way I pass my time') is reading. So I think that this blog should also include books. 

For some years I thought about writing a blog dedicated entirely to books and reading. But I never got around to it ... I was too busy reading. Or maybe I just never had enough to say. Or maybe (!) I was just too lazy. 

I regret that I didn't ever record the books I've read (imagine how many pencils I'd have got through!). I think it would be interesting to know what I'd thought on first reading certain books. And what I've actually read. Yes I have thousands of books on my shelves, most of them already read, but there are also many many books I've read that I've either never owned or I've given away. 

So an occasional book blog will now happen. As a start .... I'm going back to Barnes and Noble today. Officially to look for certain films my son Sam would like for Christmas ...  

I have my discount card :-)


  1. no you should do that book blog - reading, collecting, that sort of thing

  2. Shall I call it 2756books?

  3. i'd put that at around half your collection!